Thursday, 16 July 2015


Very pleased, well chuffed and dead stoked to announce that we're involved in the release of Mass Lines debut album, 'Personality Cult', these lads are mint!  Featuring members and former members of Great Ancestors, Man Hands, Cosmic Thoughts and Kid Pang they form an integral part of the south East England DIY punk community.

If you're into Hot Snakes, Les Savvy Fav, Fugazi, Marked Men, The Men, and you like your punk of the garage rock 'n' roll variety then this is gonna float your boat my son………

This is a split release with Hot Salvation, an extremely tidy (both well stocked and well kept) DIY label and record shop in Folkstone, if you're in town be sure to stop in, and check out a gig in the area while you're at it………..

Get the Vinyl now from Hot Salvation or Rip This Joint, check some links…….

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